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Quickpages are minimalistic website templates created with WordPress. They have the opportunity to grow into more complex websites by adding features and pages. Out of the box, these sites are fairly simple to use and allow you to edit the texts as well as some options.

Here is a collection of tutorial videos explaining the basics of WordPress to help users manage their site.

Connecting to your admin

To connect, just go under the URL www.mydomain.com/admin, replacing "mydomain.com" by yours. You will then access a login form asking for a username and password. Your username has been communicated to you, but you can also use the email used to create your account.

Password forgotten

If you do not remember your password, you can reset it by clicking on "Forgot your password?". You will receive at this time an email with a link that will allow you to redefine your password.


The interface provided in your Wordpress Administration is simplified. It allows you to access important topics for editing pages, mainly, as well as some options.

Editing texts

Whether your site has pages or articles, or both, the operation for editing their texts is similar. By going under "Pages", in the administration, one can find a list of the pages of the site. By selecting one of them we can then edit the content that constitutes it. The content is edited using fields, such as a form, so that nothing can be "broken" at the layout level. Once the changes are applied, simply click "Update" to make the changes effective once the site page is refreshed. More detail in the video below.

Editing images

To edit images, replace or delete them, the process is similar to text editing. Once the image field is found on the edit page, it is possible to select a replacement in the media window. In this same window, it is possible to download an image by browsing its folders. The following video will provide more details.

Modifiying theme options

Depending on the template chosen, you have the possibility to edit certain options of the site. They are usually located in the "Theme" or "Options" section in Wordpress Administration.

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