Quickpages sites are templates based on the Wordpress tool that are customizable. They offer a balance between personalization and swiftness for an affordable price. The concept allows freelancers and small structures to get an online presence, created without wasting time on the layout, with the goal to make it evolve at a later stage.


You will find below a series of available themes developed by us. Each template can be customized (accent colors, choice of 10 fonts etc.) without adding any option. If you need more customization, you can build a fully custom site based on a template by taking options.

Lightweight & Fast

Unlike premium themes found on the internet, our models only include the necessary. No more Wordpress sites that are extremely heavy and slow to load. The code is lightweight, which makes the experience enjoyable and Google happy.


The available templates provide an excellent starting point for your web presence. If the need to build a more advanced site emerges, it is possible to adapt our models. Wordpress makes it easy to create more complex sites such as e-commerce or community sites.

Real team

With Quickpages, you benefit from a team that is available to advise you, that understands your challenges and offers solutions. A personal support, who knows your processes help making sure your site fits your needs.


Since Wordpress is the most dominant tool in
content management, any developer can easily take over. This gives you the freedom to change your developer or even take development into your own hands.


It is possible to add options to your site to personalize it, or to add features.

IncludedChange of accent color (s)
130.-/hHelp with the replacement of texts and images
Dès 300.-Creating a custom section without interraction (design and development)
Dès 600.-Creating a custom section / page with interraction (design and development)
160.-/hChanges / Revisions
600.-Multilingual function installation (3 languages max.)
80.-Adding a translated page (price / page - translation not included)
130.-Pre-loading screen with static logo
80.-/hHelp setting up hosting, domain names, emails
80.-/hHelp to create a Google Analytics account (price / hour)
IncludedLinking site to your Google Analytics account
IncludedMigration to Infomaniak or Hostpoint hosting

In addition to these options, many extensions are available. they allow you to extend the functionality almost infinitely. It is also possible to create tailor-made extensions. Useful extensions include e-commerce, Instagram-related photo galleries, private member access, event management, forums, live chat integration, and more.


Performing regular maintenance is a good practice to ensure that the tools remain compatible with each other and limit the risk of hacking the site. We ask for a minimum commitment year (except for the "Launch" and "Guru" model). After this minimum period, it is possible to cancel the maintenance at any time.


Backup of the site before maintenance, twice a year.
Wordpress & plugins update, twice a year.
20% discount on working hours in case of hacking.


Get your site up and running

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