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La Nébuleuse

  • Art Direction
  • Back-end Development
  • Front-end Development
  • UI Design
  • UX Design
Date 2018

La Nébuleuse needed to revamp their online image. Selling craft beer in a saturated market – Switzerland has the most micro-breweries per capita – means a dramatic need for emotional bonding with the end consumer. In a landscape where a lot of good beer is being produced, La Nébuleuse needed its crazy personality to reach the audience. The first touchpoint that needed to be addressed in the broader scope of its user experience, was the website. It undeniably lacked personality and life, it didn't reflect the emotions that surround brewing and drinking. We were asked to completely redesign the site, and this is what happened.

Brand Image

Among the changes that arose from research, a few stood out as priorities: create a more colorful experience, use more illustrative techniques, take more risk, practice more storytelling and be more personal.

With limited options to add illustration, La Nébuleuse decided to opt for collages, which are relatively affordable to make and enabled them to unleash their crazy personality while providing a unique, differentiating brand image.

Beer Ranges

La Nébuleuse counts three main product ranges: The Annuelles, the Éphemères and the Collabs. Each with a visual system that helps consumers differentiate them. For the website, we developed also three page models to help visitors tell them appart. The Annuels, which are available all year-long afforded us to take more time in crafting each beer’s personality with custom made collages.


A focus was to make beers tell their own stories both through the artworks and the content. It was suggested that we used single beer pages to narrate the story of their inception and roots, enriching it with visual media such as videos and photos.

Each range offers its own universe, for the visitor to explore and they contributed in giving the website a more personal touch, as well as a quirky tone of voice, which is characteristic of the brewery.

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