SwissTV On-Demand Platform



  • Art Direction
  • Front-end Development
  • UI Design
  • UX Design
Date 2015

SwissTV came to us with a simple brief: Rejuvenate their brand and create a slick experience on every screen. The Swiss entertainment startup’s offer is very much like the ones of Netflix or Hulu; pay for movies and shows as you watch them on any device. The company didn’t have an in-house designer, which meant a lot needed to be rebuilt from the ground up.


To start off, we corrected SwissTV’s logo and branding. We created a detailed brand book which gave the guidelines for any promotional material being produced. Correcting the logo’s alignments helped greatly in using it on different support, because of it’s more blocky shape. Adjusting the typography and contrast provided by the colors helped improve legibility and information priority.

With everything we redesigned we put together a brand book, with instructions and information about how the brand should communicate, from logo placement to typography or even image selection. It also created the building blocks for the website design.

Website and Multiscreen Applications

The next step was to reinvent their website from the ground up. It was previously very complicated to find information and the website acted more like a selling pitch than a functional entertainment hub. We put the focus on content such as movies, shows and channels and implemented a player directly in the website, with a simple and edgy pay-per-view feature.


Focusing on entertainment content enabled us to make the site more vibrant and direct. The use of bold texts and highlight colors created a bold and rich experience. One of the big improvements was to implement a guideline on movie posters. Those would be only used for small thumbnails, when there was a need for a large image, SwissTV would use beautiful backdrops which were free of typography, which meant a cleaner layout. To offer more consistency between very different movie backdrops and posters, we applied CSS3 filters which would flatten and darken certain areas, providing more contrast for texts.

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