Metro Research Report



  • Art Direction
  • Back-end Development
  • Front-end Development
  • Graphic Design
Date 2017

EHL’s innovation chair is an innovation chair dedicated to researching the food industry and attached to Metro, one of the largest agro-group in Europe. The chair came to us to create various communication elements summarizing their research. Their data – aiming at understanding and improving independent restaurateur’s technological proficiency – needed to be presented in an approachable manner, while remaining clear and technically accurate. First, we created a brochure and then an interactive microsite to help support it.


First of all we were asked to design a brochure, aimed at restaurant and chain owners. It would inform them and give them recommendations depending on their technological profiles. We created various custom visuals to illustrate themes and concepts. Among else, fifty custom icons were made to illustrate business processes and technological implementation barriers.

On a double page spread in the brochure, we illustrated a scene showing the paradigm of technology in two different industries. In the travel industry, technology has been adopted on a much wider level and restaurateurs struggle to implement the same sort of tools.

Web Development

On a multipage microsite, which supports various languages, an interactive map was created to help restaurateurs navigate and find the information relevant to their region and technological profile. We built a robust quiz tool, that let users answer questions, calculate their technological profile based on their answers, and direct them to tailor-made recommendations. The quiz also sent the data captured in a Google Drive data sheet using Google’s API and some custom code.

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