Food delivery proof-of-concept for Mium



  • Art Direction
  • Back-end Development
  • Branding
  • Front-end Development
Date 2015

In 2015, Switzerland’s food delivery landscape was fairly static and monopolized by a few delivery companies whose business model relied on providing delivery on behalf of restaurants. They mostly partnered up with classic fast food chains and not so healthy restaurants. Mium wanted to bring some freshness into the market, serving simple, local food, prepared with love, just like you would eat at your mother’s house, served quickly and personnally.

Logo Construction

The mark we created embodies simple themes such as cooking, delivering or caring. Those themes are expressed by the chef’s hat, the map pin, a crown symbolizing quality and taste. It is also built using overlapping lines that represent dynamism and quickness.

Brand Colors

The concept of health in food can be represented by various colours in occidental culture. When we started defining the colors associated with the brand we eliminated green tones which would be perceived as promoting vegetarianism. Orange was selected unanimously, to convey energy, freshness, vitality and playfulness.

Web Development

Using Woocommerce’s framework we manually integrated a third-party API to communicate between the e-commerce and the delivery management system. The system allowed the client to group and assign deliveries and track his drivers in real-time. The customer was also notified when the driver arrived and he/she could track the driver on a map.

User Experience

To make the checkout fast and seamless we needed to let people know if they were in an area that could be served by Mium. We created two modules, one checking their zip code against a database of valid codes. In a second time, we created a booking module that enabled users to plan their delivery in time slots created by the administrator, for a later delivery. This module had to be able to communicate with the logistic system.


Most of today’s audience, for food delivery, is mobile. With that in mind it was crucial that people could make orders online using their small devices thus shortening the process and facilitating admin for Mium. We integrated a logistic system that would take care of geolocalizing clients along with their delivery time and orders. Managing orders became a piece of cake.


To give full independance to the Mium team, we gave a quick photography workshop to insure that they could update and maintain the site with its delicious menu. We advised the client on what equipment to get for a very reasonable budget and showed different ways to master lighting techniques and post-production.

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