Crowd-testing and bug-bountying your website or application

22 février 2019
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If you’re building brand new app or a website, you might feel worried of letting it into the wild. When building a brand new app or website bugs are a common occurence before launch. We try to test our platform on different devices to see if it displays well on each screen, no matter the brand or model. The reality is that testing on all devices is impossible. Some companies and agencies have put together testing rooms, where a load of devices are at your disposal to do testing. They’re really handy and make sense when you need some immediacy with your testing and bug resolving, but they are not bullet proof for the simple reason that there are over XXXX models of phones and tables. That would require a room of XXXXX .

88% of people will abandon an app because of bugs

This is where the relevancy of different types of modern testing steps into play.

  • Accessibility Testing To make sure your software is accessible to all, including people with special disabilities.
  • Usability Testing Testing of a website for its usability concerning user satisfaction.
  • Exploratory Testing – Testing approach that includes simultaneous learning, test designing and test execution.
  • Regression Testing Testing the whole application after any new change has been made. The idea here is to check that the new change is not disrupting any of the pre-existing functionality.
    With digital discovery being more mobile centric it is crucial that you be ready for mobile web pages with regression testing.
  • Cross Browser Testing Testing to ensure that your webapp is operable through different browsers, across various devices with different screen sizes.

Never having bugs is impossible

Devices change, softwares evolve and get modified, people personalize them, we’re bound to discover new bugs. Add to that the fact that sometimes resolving a bug on a certain browser might create a new one on a different browser.

So what can we do to improve our chances of getting rid of most bugs?

A combo of live testing in test-rooms and crowd-testing

Here are a list of crod-testing websites in three categories: Security, Display and Usability.











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