Design Training

Learn UX Research and Visual Design at your pace. Become fluent in innovation and graphic design.

Gain independence

With UX research methods, we learn how to conceive innovative solutions, test them with limited resources and improve them iteratively. With visual design, we're able to produce and communicate ideas with greater results.

Reach success quicker

Applying human centred design methods to your projects means reaching success quicker. It helps producing innovation that stems from human needs and observations.

Improve collaboration

Transversal teams that use a design thinking approach to problem solving drastically reduce subjectivity in their decision process. Visual design can help them communicate ideas and understand each other better.


Two advanced tracks to transform your opportunities
  • Become a

    UX Researcher

    Learn methods and use tools to foster innovation, test ideas to reduce risk and accelerate market adoption with simple human-centered design.

    Coming Soon 8 Weeks
  • Become a

    Visual Designer

    Learn to convey ideas, master design principles and tools to create top-notch print and digital projects based on real-world briefs.

    Coming Soon 12 Weeks

Individual Classes

Learn at your pace, focus on one subject
  • Introduction to Design Thinking

    3 x 2h live sessions and coaching
    8 Hours of practical work
    On-field assignments

    Learn to use on-field methods to gain better understanding of your user, get vivid insights and help you innovate iteratively.

  • Graphic Design Principles

    2 x 2.5 hours sessions
    All the foundations for graphic design
    Homework assignment and video review

    This class covers the principles of visual design that help create more striking and harmonious visuals. Its principles are the basis of everything graphic, and can be applied to print, presentation and web.

  • Learn Photoshop

    3 x 2.5-hours live sessions with coaching
    12 Hours of practical work and tutorials
    2 Homework assignments

    Learn to use Adobe's star software. From photo manipulation and retouching to web interfaces, Photoshop has proven to be a versatile application to create digital content.

  • Learn Illustrator

    3 x 2.5-hours live sessions with coaching
    8 Hours of practical work and tutorials
    2 Homework assignments

    Adobe's ultimate vector graphic application. Illustrator lets you build shapes and visuals that are infinitely scalable without losing quality. Perfect for logos, icons and illustration.

  • Learn InDesign

    3 x 2-hours live sessions with coaching
    6 Hours of practical work and tutorials
    2 Homework assignments

    InDesign is Adobe's editorial powerhouse. It's the best option to create documents with lots of pages, manage a large number of photos while insuring a consistency throughout the design.

Crash Course

Get a group introduction to UX and visual design methods

2 Hours, CHF150.-/person, minimum 10 attendees


We coached them
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